Investment Discipline

Our investment philosophy is grounded in the research of many renowned academics, Nobel Laureates and economists. Our investment discipline is sound, rational, efficient, integrated, compelling and well-defined.

Our investment philosophy is rooted in the seminal ideas of modern finance. Science trumps fad. Risk and return are related as described by linear asset pricing models. You don't increase expected return without increased risk. But not all risk is risk worth taking: diversification helps distinguish the risks that have economic reasons for compensating investors from the risks that do not. Freedom from traditional active management (stock picking) and traditional passive management (strict indexing) further reduces costs, including trade impact, taxes, and expenses. Finally, there is the purpose and function of the investor (as opposed to the speculator): to provide capital and participate in the productive effort of every member of a thriving global economy.

Our clients understand precisely the methodology that we use to invest their dollars. We spend a great deal of time with prospects going over the building blocks of successful investing. Our goal is to match the investment strategy with the objectives and personality of our clients.

We develop structured portfolios for each of our clients using a combination of cost effective, pure and tax-efficient index funds. The driving forces behind our investment strategy are discipline, tax-efficiency, competitive returns, diversification and protection of principal. The portfolios are managed to adapt to changing economic conditions, tax considerations, cash-flow needs and the clients personal situation.

We follow a highly structured, systematic, and disciplined investment strategy designed to maximize wealth in a conservative, well thought out manner.