You want simplicity and convenience.

In today’s world, it’s no wonder that many people are so anxious about investing decisions. With 24/7 news flow, strategies that seem to change on an hourly basis, and global market volatility, wealth management is more complicated than ever before. Saving, investing, taxes, insurance, financial plans, estate plans, cross border issues, transfer of wealth, business succession, divorce, retirement, wills, mandates, trusts…the list goes on and on. We help our clients make sense of all the confusion, prioritize the issues that affect them most, and then craft the appropriate strategy.

Personalized solutions that help you navigate through financial decisions.

Wealth management is much more than handling investment portfolios. It’s the management of your other affairs: Financial, Estate, Tax and Insurance Planning; protecting and growing your family’s wealth for your future that lies at the heart of what we do. We offer a truly comprehensive service that accesses the industry’s best experts and most extensive resources; all dedicated to your financial well-being.

The process of Wealth Management is how we tie it all together. Most importantly, we listen, and help to uncover the important issues that our clients face; issues that they are often unaware of.

How we help

Danny Baum, FCSI

Senior Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor


Tessee Kalamaras

Associate Wealth Advisor