A partnership built on trust.

Our services are tailored towards what makes Calgary unique. Numbered amongst our clients are many who work in the Oil and Gas industry and its related businesses. Our ideal client is interested in preservation of capital, income and conservative growth. We like to manage the money our clients don’t want to lose.



Among other things, Peter's wealth management practice encompasses: portfolio management, investments, retirement, estate planning, insurance based wealth protection and business planning. Peter is highly experienced at managing wealth for affluent investors. With over $368 million of assets under administration, Peter and his team bring on a select handful of great clients each year that are the right fit.

Peter’s team sets themselves apart by the nature of the client service they seek to provide. The management of wealth is more complex then just the investment portfolio. Our team finds it important to reach all aspects of our clients’ financial picture.

Areas of Expertise


Business Planning  

Every day, you make crucial decisions affecting the financial health of your business. Peter believes in earning the right to your business.

Together with RBC Dominion Securities, we want to outline your vision, create a comprehensive & strategic blueprint for your business and build a plan on how you can get there.

  • Reviewing the Structure of your Company
  • Help Identify Strategies that can Minimize Tax
  • Highlight Key Planning Opportunities
  • Explore the Necessary Steps of an Eventual Business Transition
  • Full Analysis of your Credit and Lending Facilities to Confirm that you're Maximizing the Value and Capabilities of your Business

As a business owner, you know that success is about hard work, dedication and having the right team behind you. Making the right financial decisions is a big responsibility - and we can help. As you organization evolves, as your business grows and your environment changes, we want to help you navigate every step of the way. 

For more information please contact: Peter de Jong at (403) 216-6185