Earning the right to our clients’ business.

Taking the time to truly understand all of those things that are important to our clients, we develop and customize our approach to each individual accordingly. Through ongoing communication, our clients know exactly how their wealth is being managed. Our team outlines the process for every client right from the beginning.

New Client Experience

  1. Introductory Meeting - During the initial client meeting we would like to welcome you and discover if our team is the right fit for you and your family. We will discuss the wealth management process and what components of it are relevant and important to your financial solutions. We want to understand what is important to you and will make a concentrated effort to do so. This is where we address any initial questions you may have about being a client with us at RBC Dominion Securities.

  2. Developmental Meeting – During our second meeting we develop your Investment Policy Statement. The Investment Policy Statement outlines your current circumstances and investment objectives as well as the asset allocation and investment solution designed to meet those objectives. We will also begin developing your personalized service plan and move forward with booking any required meetings in regards to financial and estate planning.

  3. Presentation meeting – During this meeting, we will present the proposal on investible assets and discuss with you your understanding and expectations. We will also discuss your personalized investment plan, which will highlight and breakdown the services you will receive from Peter de Jong as well as from RBC Dominion Securities. If you decide our team is the right fit, the next step will be discussing executing your financial and estate plan if needed.

  4. Review Process – We are always constantly reviewing accounts, looking for opportunities and addressing any immediate changes that may need to be made. On a monthly to quarterly basis we will discuss your portfolio’s progress to ensure that your goals and objectives are aligned. Annually, we will set up a meeting to assess your overall portfolio and wealth management plan to ensure we are on the right track.