Everything in Balance: Your Goals, Your Life, Your Family

At Mark Pearlstein Wealth Management, we work closely with you to listen and understand your goals and requirements before making any investment recommendations.

Our team recognizes the importance of growing your wealth, protecting it and then converting it into a tax-efficient income stream. We can also help you plan your estate and create your legacy for family and charity.

A Clear Roadmap to Attaining Your Peak Life Style in Retirement

We realize that everyone has a unique tolerance for risk and specific investment objectives. That means we work closely with you and craft a written strategy, in plain language, that meets all aspects of your goals.

This is what we mean by Peak Life Style – it’s the life you want to live up to and through your retirement. The written strategy creates the clarity that’s so important to help you achieve your goal.

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Our Mission

To provide you with expert services to plan and build your wealth, and empower you to make educated financial decisions.       


Our Vision

To build trusted relationships through superior service and industry-leading expertise. This is the foundation for your financial future.

Ask for a Copy of My New Book

I wrote Balanced, The Al Pearlstein Story, Lessons from my Father on Life, Family and Investing to honour my father and to thank him for all that he taught me about how to manage money, and just as importantly, how to live a full and balanced life.

If you would like to receive a copy of the book, we would be happy to pass one along to you. Call Katrina Mijares directly at 416-733-5697 to find out how to get your copy.

Read more about the book here.