Diversify Your Concentrated Single Stock Position

If you are an executive or individual with a significant holding in a single stock, we can offer a program that allows you to exchange your existing shares of a North American company for shares in a flexible, customizable and diversified portfolio, without triggering a taxable disposition until redemption. Gain broad exposure to a diversified global portfolio across multiple asset classes and geographies in a single, institutionally managed portfolio holding that provides risk-managed exposure to equities, fixed income and alternative assets.

Many successful Canadians have investment portfolios that hold too much of a single stock exposure. Sophisticated investors know that this stock may represent more volatility than what is prudent as the success of this one stock could threaten their livelihood. Even the largest companies' share price can be under pressure, especially during times of uncertainty. When planning for the future and setting long-term financial plans to meet your life goals, a diversified and managed portfolio is by far a wiser choice over a concentrated one.

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