World Class Investment Management

We believe in preserving and growing capital through a well-structured and tax-efficient portfolio that relates directly to your customized Financial Plan. We bring unparalleled experience and a defined process to deliver capital growth, capital preservation and risk mitigation strategies for our partners through ALL market cycles. Importantly, we invest all of our investable assets directly alongside yours. We’re in this together.

We deliver on our client commitment by:

  1. Building mutual trust and shared goals.
  2. Educating you about the wealth management process, and how to best preserve and grow your capital.
  3. Applying our expertise and decades of institutional financial experience for you.
  4. Implementing our investment management process that diversifies your wealth and grows it at a reasonable risk-adjusted rate over the long term.

Based on our mutual discussions and analysis, we will implement your investment strategy to reflect your income needs and liquidity requirements while implementing the most efficient asset allocation and maximizing tax efficiencies. Together, we determine the appropriate portfolio for you, using a combination of:

  1. Proprietary portfolios – As manager of your personal porfolios, we can relieve you of the day-to-day decisions and help you reach your financial goals by directly managing all aspects of your investment portfolio. Our bespoke investment portfolios provide exposure to quality companies' equity and debt instruments that provide access to durable long-term business models and themes, strong fundamentals and high quality management teams.
  2. Third party managers & alternative investments – We select the best professional managers across asset classes that have proven long-term records. We have personal relationships with and access to many of the leading institutional Portfolio Managers in Canada and the U.S., and leverage this exclusive access. Many professional money managers have been Paul's closest clients for over 15 years. Alternative investments are utilized where appropriate to lower volatility, further diversify portfolios, and provide additional sources of investment income. Our approach to external managers is centered on operational due diligence. Whether considering private equity, private debt, hedge funds, or real assets, our fundamental belief is institutional infrastructure and risk minimization are of paramount importance.
  3. Advisory accounts – As your investment partner, we’ll recommend the most appropriate asset allocation and individual securities for your portfolio based on your needs, tax position and the changing market conditions. Day-to-day transactions will require your final approval, and so this approach is best for those who would like to be involved in every investment decision.

As a result, our portfolios pursue a pension-style approach to portfolio management. We will agree on the most appropriate portfolio for your circumstances, and we will implement and monitor your investment strategies in real time for the long-term. We will review your portfolio with you on a regular pre-determined basis.