Private Investment Management is the discretionary investment management program at RBC Dominion Securities.  As an Associate Portfolio Manager, Patrick Rae offers discretionary investment management services to his clients.  He acts as a fiduciary, constructing and managing portfolios with his client's best interest in mind.  A qualified Portfolio Manager has met the stringent educational and experiential requirements necessary for the heightened level of responsibility that comes with discretionary investment management including: extensive experience advising clients, substantial assets under management, rigorous academic coursework, and skills and discipline in managing portfolios.  Less than 20% of all Investment Advisors are qualified Portfolio Managers.

Private Investment Management is ideally suited for clients that are busy entrepreneurs, professionals and executives, retired individuals who travel or would rather dedicate their time to other interests and pursuits, individuals responsible for family investments or not-for-profit organization, foundations and endowments.  Private Investment Management is for clients who subscribe to the hallmarks of he program: the ability to take advantage of investment opportunities quickly and efficiently as approval is not required for each transaction and unrivaled investment discipline backed by a portfolio advisor group and detailed risk management.