Wealthcare for Healthcare 

Your personal life is busy, and your professional life is demanding. Like so many other healthcare professionals, you likely find yourself consumed with growing your practice, ensuring the well-being of your patients, and spending time with your family. Most likely, you simply aren’t able to devote the time necessary to properly manage the details of your financial affairs. At the Papadina Group, we pride ourselves in providing healthcare professionals with our exclusive financial concierge service. While you’re spending time doing what’s most important to you, we will manage your wealth. 

The Wealthcare for Healthcare Program is a holistic wealth management process specifically tailored for the healthcare community. The Wealthcare for Healthcare Program is a consultative process focused on advisory solutions for healthcare professionals, which uses comprehensive financial planning strategies for both personal and corporate issues.


Richard Papadina

Senior Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor


"Richard is one of the most passionate people that I know that genuinely cares about his clients overall life goals and helping them focus on their estate planning needs. He is dedicated to educating and helping his clients navigate through the various and complex issues surrounding the transferring of  wealth. He is practical, creative and solution orientated. I have always enjoyed collaborating with Richard on assisting his clients with their estate planning goals. I know if I  refer clients to Richard  they will receive the whole package, he leaves no stone unturned. It is always a pleasure to work with him."

Jag Gandhi   LL.B, TEP


"Rich is a great small business adviser. His energy and enthusiasm for our finances has made all the difference for Julie and I, and our two children. He takes a simplistic approach to what may seem a daunting and difficult task. He taught us to pay attention to the obvious and simple things and do them right. He's an independent thinker with a great team behind him. A student of the financial markets, who presents the facts, helps you take a step back, assess the situation and plan a course of action. Investment advice, is just one aspect of a full service practice. Rich looks at the entire puzzle, a holistic approach to financial planning focused on tax, legal, will and estate planning and most importantly "your family's financial health".

This guy and his team are in it with you for the long term.Costa Kapassas


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