As an investment professional, I keep my promises to my clients. That means managing portfolios to meet investors' declared needs by operating my team like a business and developing client loyalty through trustworthy actions on their behalf.

My clients benefit from a well-structured comprehensive service plan that includes regular reviews, quarterly analysis specific to each client (by mail) with written comments, complimentary access to RBC's highly experienced financial and estate planning professionals (including lawyers and accountants) who can advise on important matters like wealth transfer, tax-efficient structures and the sale/transfer of your business.


I have been providing wealth management services to Canadian and international investors since 1994. I am a licensed discretionary Portfolio Manager, the highest level of accreditation for investment management in the Canadian investment industry.

I have a sophisticated and disciplined investment strategy that includes the employment of my own technical analysis as an important component in the construction of my clients' investment portfolios. I have a well-structured and sophisticated investment discipline. I employ a global view at all times while structuring portfolios. My business model is formulated to satisfy the complex financial needs of high net worth clients.  My depth of technical expertise is a result of decades of experience through many bull and bear markets and their subsequent full recoveries.  I am very confident in my abilities to guide you through future bull and bear markets.


I am committed to all areas of my clients' financial well-being. I manage wealth for security and to provide peace of mind. My recommendations reflect what I would do for myself and my family under the same circumstances. Remuneration for advice and services is clear and never influences my recommendations.

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