Dear Michelle,


Going through my most recent investment report and looking back over the years, I noted that with your very excellent management, the dollar value of my account is roughly the same as it was four years ago, factoring in the numerous withdrawals I have made over those years.


Thank you for your quality management and advice over the years,


- F.P., client for over 7 years

I first became involved with RBC DS when I was employed as a Law Librarian.  At that time, my mother was in good physical health, but was rapidly losing her cognitive abilities. As the eldest, I took over the management of her affairs.


Unfortunately, neither my husband nor I were very familiar with the world of financial management.  My mother had been dealing exclusively with another brokerage firm, but I soon learned that they had not been very honest in their dealings with her.


I spoke to one of my law firm’s partners and he said that he would ask RBC DS if they would handle my mother’s financial affairs.


My husband and I met with Mary Manning and she was wonderful in her dealings with my mother’s investments.  We then asked Mary if she would consider taking us on as clients.  She did, and we never had a moment where we regretted our decision.


My husband died a year ago.  I just received my Annual investment performance report and when I looked at it, I realized how wonderful it has been to have a person like Mary Manning looking out for me.  She always calls before making a decision to buy or sell, even though she knows that I rely on her completely for my financial decisions.


I felt I should take the time to let you know how much my mother, my husband and I came to appreciate all she did for us.  She is a wonderful asset to your team




- Penny, client for 20+ years, sent this testimonial to the branch manager