Supportive and realistic

For the last two-and-a-half years, Nick has been my financial advisor, and together we have tried to maintain capital during some uncertain market times.

It has been a journey for me, not so much with respect to the markets, but more about me finding my financial self. Nick has been supportive and realistic in our endeavours; always prompt to respond to my many queries. Also, many thanks to his able Associate Megan for her administrative assistance.

-John R.

Nick will look after you

We moved up here four years ago and wanted to find someone to look after our affairs. Coming from a big city to Nanaimo we thought we would be unable to locate an advisor with whom we would feel comfortable. How wrong we were! We have had a number of advisors come and go but never one of Nick's caliber and quality. Nick will look after you regardless of age or portfolio size. He has the ability to build portfolios for those starting out to those who need to feel safe, especially now. Thanks Nick.

- Doug and Mo C.

More than just an Investment Advisor

One day, suddenly, I realized that I did not fully understand my financial realities. My husband, with Nick and George before him, had guided our “security” over many years and now I was on my own. Within days Nick was here in my home showing me I was secure and not facing the future alone, that I could reach him any time with any question or doubt about the days ahead.

I’m confident and becoming more knowledgeable with Nick’s (and Megan’s) counsel and friendship.

- Jacqui T.