Our Process

One of the biggest changes I have noticed when meeting new clients these days is how much more focused people are on what their wealth does in terms of allowing them to live a desired lifestyle as compared with simply viewing their money as THE main focus.  

That is why "WEALTH MANAGEMENT" is such a buzzword used in advertising...but what does it mean?

For our team it has become a PROCESS we use to get to know you and allow your wealth to lead you to the retirement you desire.  

Our First Meeting:  We get to know each other and discuss the broad themes of your goals, investment themes, risk management, cost transparency, service plan and slate of services available to you as a client of RBC Dominion Securities.

Our Second Meeting: Review your present portfolio, discuss your key objectives, add in an estate plan discussion, tax strategy discussion, and personalize a service plan.  

Ongoing Contact: Personalized to your needs and expectations.  Includes regularly scheduled review meetings, phone contact when I see something that needs to be done with your holdings, and weekly blog commentary to stimulate questions or thoughts on your part.  

The diagram below shows you how extensive our suite of services is at RBC Dominion Securities and how many experts you have working on your behalf via our local team to deliver an unparalleled client experience in the Canadian market place.