Personalized advice for your unique financial situation.

Financial Planning Consultants and Specialists

Beginning with an in-depth discovery session to become familiar with your lifestyle and financial goals, the planner then works to prepare a customized, goals-based financial projection for you. A second session facilitates the presentation of this analysis, allowing time for you to ask questions and discuss any of the suggested action items. The end result is a living document that will be updated as needed and referred back to regularly to ensure that you are on track to your goals.

Estate Planning Specialists

Whether related to the creation, protection, or transfer of wealth, this group of highly qualified professionals deliver and execute key solutions for your personal and corporate insurance needs. They collaborate with those from among the best internal and external resources, including Canada’s leading insurance suppliers. This means that you are presented with the most applicable and cost-efficient insurance product, whether or not it has an RBC logo on it.

Will and Estate Consultants

With a legal background, the role of a Will and Estate Consultant is to provide you with general information related to structuring the succession of your estate in an efficient and tax-effective manner. Following your meeting, you will be provided with a report outlining various estate planning issues for you to explore in more detail with your own lawyer or accountant.

Estate and Trust Services

RBC Estate & Trust Services provides individuals, families, and businesses with estate, trust, and incapacity services, tailored to their specific needs. Although there are costs to work with Royal Trust for Corporate Executor or Power of Attorney related duties, clients interested in learning more about the services can meet with, or speak to, a Senior Trust Officer for no additional investment, other than time.