We work to preserve, develop, and protect wealth.  Through judicious investment in solid businesses of excellent quality. We stress wealth preservation and the growth of financial assets.  The minimization of taxes is a key component to the success of our investment strategy.   Our team is supported by specialists at RBC Dominion Securities, including research analysts, economists, and tax, estate and insurance experts.

We recognize that each investor’s needs are different and we adapt to address those needs.  We work with our clients to incorporate all aspects of their personal financial situations when considering the management of their investments. We work with clients’ existing professional alliances, such as lawyers and accountants, to provide advice and service tailored to each client’s particular needs.

We provide customized solutions for real-life financial problems and goals.  We realize that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned – perhaps care of an aging parent has become a financial issue, or the sale of a business or property didn’t go as well as expected.  Success comes from being able to adapt, and the Eisenhut Wealth Management is experienced with handling accommodations for life’s ups and downs. 

We realize that finance is only part of the picture. Portfolio management is a critically important part of life-planning, but we recognize that it is just one part of our clients’ active lives. We keep our communication clear, concise and to the point.

We work to provide our clients with qualified, practical advice. Our team represents a broad range of backgrounds and many years of experience.  We are real people with husbands, wives, new babies, teenagers and aging parents.  We have had varied work and life experiences, which gives us a broad understanding of the world and the issues that our clients face. We are uniquely qualified to assist our clients with their financial futures.