As you enjoy greater success in life, your financial affairs invariably become more complex. Private Investment Management enables you to leave the day to day management of your portfolio with Neil and his team while you attend to more pressing matters.

Free Your Time with Private Investment Management

Success often places many unforeseen demands on your time. Your financial affairs inevitably become more complex, and you realize you need professional wealth management to help you focus on whats important. Trusted advisors to make important decisions on your behalf.

Which is why we established Private Investment Management, our premium level of discretionary wealth management, for individual portfolios exceeding $200,000 or households exceeding $500,000. Private Investment Management is designed to free you from the day-to-day details of managing your wealth, so you can pursue your own dreams and ambitions.

A discretionary portfolio built to your specifications

Neil designs your portfolio bearing in mind such factors as your growth requirements and risk tolerance. He handles all the details on an ongoing basis, working within specific guidelines you have established. He is always accountable to these guidelines.

A clear process to ensure the results you need

Because your approval is not required for every transaction I can take advantage of investment opportunities quickly. Checks and balances, and formal reviews ensure that your portfolio is managed to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Feel free to contact Neil, Adam, or Amy for more information on the Private Investment Management program, or click on the image below to view the PIM brochure: