You have important questions. And with the industry-leading team of tax, legal, and financial experts at RBC Wealth Management Services, we offer a range and quality of services typically reserved for Canada’s wealthiest families, to help you find the answers. 


How do I invest today in order to secure a prosperous future for myself and my loved ones?

Investment Management


How do I effectively transition my business while reducing taxes and maximizing retirement assets?

Business Ownership Planning


Am I paying more taxes than I should be?

Tax Planning


Am I prepared for my retirement?

Retirement Planning


How do I support causes that are important to me and maximize the impact of every dollar I give?

Philanthropy and Charitable Giving Strategies


How do I know that I am on the right path towards achieving my financial goals?

Financial Planning


How do I think about my legacy and ensure that it will be fulfilled as I intend?

Will and Estate Planning


Have I adequately protected myself and my family from life’s uncertainties?

Risk Management