Tony - Business Owner Specialist & High Net Worth Planner

Tony is a consummate professional, and his passion for what he does is evident in his work product and interaction with clients. His expertise in tax, business, estate, trust and financial planning allows him to dissect your business and personal finances into clean and discrete financial compartments.  He then, based on your estate planning and retirement goals, pieces those compartments back to together in such a way that you can realize your legacy or retirement wishes in a manner that not only protects and preserves your assets, but does so tax efficiently .

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Grace - Wills & Estate Consultant

Grace's knowledge of estate law is outstanding. She has extensive estate planning and administration experience in the private sector and is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. Grace is often the first expert you'll meet as you get introduced to our wealth management process. She'll explain and review with you the legal nuances around wills and estate and begin by getting to know you your family intimately. She'll explain to you why getting a full appreciation for family dynamics is important when structuring your will and will want to understand those dynamics that exist between you and your parents, your children as well as your siblings. She will carefully walk you through your responsibilities as an executor and the probate process in BC and factor in her decision making any bequeaths you expect to receive as well as those you wish to make. Most clients will leave Grace's meeting knowing that have some loose ends to tie up if they want to realize their estate plan.

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Matthew - Estate Planning Consultant

Matthew is your in-house independent insurance expert who began his financial services career in 1995. He brings over 20 years of financial industry experience to the table and can answer all your insurance related questions with precision. Whether you want to protect your family from debt obligations or your business from the passing of a key person Matthew will work with you to find the right solution. Whether it's term or permanent insurance, Matthew has access to a broad base of insurance products offered by Canada's largest and leading insurance providers. 

After completely a thorough needs assessment to calculate exactly how much coverage you require, he'll present you with the most competitively priced options on the market. Determining the correct coverage isn't always a technical needs-based calculation. Some clients choose to leave windfalls for their loved ones and using an insurance solution may be an appropriate vehicle. Matthew's expertise doesn't end here.  He can show you how insurance vehicles can be used 

- to maximize your after-tax retirement income

- to create charitable giving legacies, and

- protect your cottage

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Anna-Marie - Financial Planning Consultant

If you ever had a financial plan completed you'll know that it's one of those activities that can bring you tremendous piece of mind knowing that you won't outlive the nest egg that you worked tirelessly to create. It's even more rewarding to recognize with some degree accuracy that you'll be able to leave part of your estate to beneficiaries or organizations of your choosing. Another step in the wealth management process that we encourage is meeting with our very own Anna-Marie. Anna-Marie, an MBA graduate,  has been an advisor to high net worth clients since 1991. She'll first take inventory of your complete balance sheet, make some conservative assumptions about inflation, your income, as well as real estate and investment growth. She'll then collect the non-tangible data that is so vital in all financial plans, and that may consist of having a certain  retirement lifestyle, financial security or maybe some philanthropic endeavors. Taken together she'll be able to determine with a good deal of accuracy whether there'll be a gap or not in reaching your personal and professional objectives. In your second meeting Anna-Marie will present to her findings in a report including strategies you can use to bolster your plan to help you reach your goals.

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Mary - Private Banker

If you're a fit you'll be introduced to Mary and her team of three. Mary provides personalized and discrete financial counsel primarily to a small, select group of established business focused families throughout Canada and worldwide. However, established retirees who prefer not to attend a local bank, busy professionals and business owners who appreciate the high level of one on one customized banking service also relish in her offering. While serving Mike’s clients, Mary’s team devote themselves entirely to you ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction. She can provide you with every banking service available. They range from credit cards and cross border bank accounts, to designing sophisticated banking and personalized credit and lending packages for nigh net worth clients and their families. Mary relies on her extensive wealth planning experience drawing on nine years in the financial services arena working with domestic and international clients.