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Hi, I'm Mike Bensimhon, Investment Advisor and RBC award winning Financial Planner.  If you're shopping for a new advisory team then please take a moment and browse our "Philosophy" pages. We've found that the most fruitful and rewarding client-advisor experiences begin and happen when you can derive value from both our investment and client service philosophy, as well as appreciate the types of clients we serve.

We are strong advocates of financial literacy and often host advice events on various topics. We focus on building long lasting client relationships serving not only you, but your parents, children and grandchildren. We know serving multiple generations under one roof delivers the greatest value as far as estate planning and effective intergenerational wealth transfer goes.

It goes without saying that trust is earned, and not given. And we're prepared to work hard to earn yours. As a retired RCMP officer with over a decade of investigative experience I value transparency, full disclosure and compliance. If you have any questions about investing or wealth management in general as it pertains to you, your business, charity or foundation,  please don't hesitate to contact me at 604.961.8525 or at

Don't worry, there is no obligation. I am happy to take a call or reply to an email. Those that know me in the community I serve, know that I get great job satisfaction when acting as a sounding board on matters of finances and wealth accumulation.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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