Broad wealth management approach

Getting the right investment advice is a key part of managing your wealth, but is just one piece of a larger puzzle. It is important to get all of your ducks in a row. Our integrative wealth management service offering extends beyond traditional broker services. We take a holistic approach to your wealth management needs to ensure that your unique financial concerns are addressed in a coordinated fashion.

Unparalleled service platform

The breadth of the RBC Dominion Securities platform allows us to also offer our clients the following services at no additional charge, which results in improved value and service for you. The following is an overview of some of the wealth management services that we offer:

Financial planning

A very important part of the process is outlining your personal financial goals and objectives. You will receive a personalized report containing specific recommendations on the actions you need to take to achieve your financial goals.

Tax planning

The reduction of payable taxes is an important value-added service. We work closely with RBC wealth management professionals and your tax and accounting professionals to ensure all decisions are made in a tax-efficient manner.

Will and Estate consultation

If your Will is not up to date, or if your personal or financial situation has recently changed, you will likely benefit from our Will and estate consultation services. We will identify estate planning issues for you to explore in further detail with your lawyer or accountant.

Risk management

Our insurance professionals are well-versed in insurance-based strategies that can help you to protect your wealth from taxes, enhance your income and ensure the transfer of wealth in a tax-efficient manner to the next generation.