Discretionary solutions – Private Investment Management

Relax and enjoy your wealth, we’ll take care of all the details

Private Investment Management from RBC Dominion Securities gives you access to an elite group of advisors. Michael Hogg is an accredited Associate Portfolio Manager who offers this premium level of service.

With Private Investment Management, your investment assets are managed on a discretionary basis. Michael manages your portfolio on your behalf within strict guidelines established in your customized Investment Portfolio Statement (IPS).

Private Investment Management offers different portfolio styles to accommodate a wide range of investment needs and preferences – from conservative income-oriented portfolios to balanced and growth-oriented portfolio. Michael will help you choose the portfolio style that best fits your investment objectives, portfolio size, risk tolerance and personal investment preferences.

Each portfolio provides a high level of customization through asset allocation, restrictions, constraints and tax considerations. Based on your IPS, Michael makes decisions regarding daily trades, portfolio rebalances and securities. As required, your guidelines are updated to reflect your current needs and goals.

While Private Investment Management relieves you of day-to-day decision-making responsibilities, you will stay informed about your portfolio’s progress through newsletters, client meetings and phone calls.

This type of asset management is especially beneficial to those with little time, ability or desire to trade regularly in the markets.

Why choose Private Investment Management?

Many firms offer private asset management services, however the Private Investment Management group at RBC Dominion Securities is a small group of elite, highly-trained specialists who provide affluent clients with the best possible service and management advice.

Superior research for your portfolio

Investment decisions made on your behalf are well supported by superior research. High-level research groups such as the Portfolio Advisory Group support our portfolio managers. This group specializes in fixed-income and equity investment research. As an independent body, they have consistently provided more unbiased research than any other group in Canada. In addition, the group provides a wealth of knowledge on U.S. and foreign securities.

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