Wealth management solutions designed for you and your business

Recognized as one of the leading investment teams in the Niagara Region, Frank and his team provide a comprehensive range of wealth management services designed to your unique specifications. To provide a tailored plan, we follow a proven disciplined five-step process. Your wealth management plan may include: investment solutions, business planning, financial planning, tax-efficient strategies , insurance solutions, and Will and estate planning.

Investment solutions

Before we make any investment recommendations, we will take the time to:

  • Explore your current financial situation, portfolio and investment objectives

  • Determine tolerance for risk

  • Establish investment and wealth management goals

After we have designed your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and established your investment strategies we continuously screen investment opportunities to find the most appropriate selection that will work cohesively to reach your financial goals. We are active money managers and will continuously review your investment portfolio, new investment opportunities, and upcoming market trends for value investing opportunities.

Business planning

While you’re building your career or business we can help you build wealth and protect your current financial success.

  • Investment strategies based on your business needs

  • Tax-deductible retirement planning for your business

  • Business succession plans

  • Executive life insurance

  • Partnership buyout agreements

  • Maximize corporate stock holdings and options

Financial planning

We understand that investments are only a small part of your overall plan. We can help you build a comprehensive financial plan that finds tax-efficient ways to:

  • Enjoy your wealth

  • Save for retirement

  • Help with a loved one’s education

  • Create a legacy through charitable gifts

  • Build and transfer your estate

Tax-efficient strategies

For many of our clients, implementing tax-effective strategies to maximize their wealth is an important part of their wealth management plan. We can help you:

  • Keep more of your after-tax investment returns

  • Maximize retirement income

  • Integrate business and personal tax strategies

  • Protect the value of your estate for the future

Insurance solutions

Depending on your unique situation our insurance specialist can develop strategies that:

  • Protect your wealth from the unexpected financial burden of illness or accidents

  • Reduce the impact of personal and corporate tax savings

  • Build wealth for your estate or a charitable contribution

  • Minimize the impact of taxes on your estate

Will and estate planning

We can help you realize all your goals for your estate. With a detailed Will & estate review by our in-house legal consultant, we can help:

  • Review your current Will and make recommendations for tax-minimizing opportunities

  • Evaluate the benefits of a family trust

  • Set up a charitable foundation to make the most of your gift

Five-step process

A disciplined process is the key

We follow a disciplined five-step process to keep you on-track to achieving your goals. This keeps us all focused on what’s important – helping you live life the way you want. This approach is the key to how our team manages relationships and our clients’ wealth.

Five-step process

  • Introduction – We will introduce you to the wealth management services we provide, not just during our first meeting, but also on an ongoing basis as your needs evolve and new services become available.

  • Discovery – Together, we will gain a deeper understanding of your individual needs, goals and circumstances to help you clarify your financial objectives. This includes gathering together all your important financial information.

  • Strategy & Solutions– Next, we create your personalized Investment Policy Statement that outlines the time-tested strategies we will employ to help you reach your financial goals.

  • Financial assessment – Once your investment strategies are in place, we create a fully integrated financial plan that incorporates long-term financial goals, estate planning needs, business planning strategies and risk protection strategies.

  • Service – We regularly review your situation to ensure your financial objectives are being met in light of your changing needs.