Our Process

We believe that wealth management embraces far more than day-to-day investment advice. It includes financial and lifestyle protection, retirement planning, inter-generational wealth transfer, legacy creation and much more. Ultimately, all are inter-connected and no effective wealth plan can afford to ignore them.

Accordingly, our wealth management process encompasses eight discrete investigative steps leading to an actionable wealth management strategy:

1. Discovery: We develop an understanding of your goals, personal and financial.

2. Financial Planning: We prepare an analysis of your total financial situation.

3. Will & Estate Review: We help you address your estate planning concerns and goals.

4. Insurance Review: We help you protect what you have worked hard to build.

5. Investment Policy Statement (IPS): This is the blueprint for your investment strategy.

6. Investment Proposal: This is your recommended investment plan, approved by you.

7. Ongoing Services: We track portfolio performance and give you timely updates.

8. Regular Reviews: As your needs and markets evolve, we adjust your plan accordingly.

Investment Policy statement

Your Investment Policy Statement guides us in making appropriate investment decisions on your behalf.

Your Investment Policy Statement, created specifically for you, takes into account your return expectations, income requirements, risk tolerance, time horizon and unique preferences.

It also helps us make investment decisions that minimize the impact of taxes. Based on all these factors, we recommend an ideal asset allocation model for your portfolio.

How your portfolio is divided among the three main asset classes – cash, fixed-income and equities – is the most important factor in determining the balance between managing risk and providing higher returns.

While subject to modification and review based on changing circumstances, your Investment Policy Statement is a road map to wealth creation success.