I employ a comprehensive wealth management approach whereby I consider all aspects of your financial situation.  I look closely at all of the following:

• Your long-term return objectives

• Your risk tolerance

• Your personal investment time horizon

• Your current and future need for liquidity

• Your current and future lifestyle requirements

• Your tax situation

• Your business succession plans

• Your retirement income needs

• Your family situation 


Building Your Portfolio 

One key to successful investing is developing an appropriate mix between bonds, stocks, and cash, a mix that allows you to manage risk intelligently; another is diversification to reduce security-specific risk. Still, another is sticking to your investment plan over the long-term and avoiding hasty adjustments in reaction to short-term market volatility that can have a negative impact on your reaching your financial goals.

As a client of RBC Dominion Securities, you benefit not only from my perspective but, also from the collective knowledge of our Portfolio Advisory Group. This group of top economists, research analysts, and investment strategists provide an objective point of view on securities, portfolio construction, and asset mix.