Luke Luukkonen, FCSI,CIM

Vice-President & Portfolio Manager

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Luke began his career in the investment industry in 1973 as an investment advisor. In 1975 he was offered the position of branch manager and remained in that role until 1995 when he stepped down to focus on his investment practice. In 1998 Luke was amongst the first advisors to be appointed Associate Portfolio Manager. This respected designation enables Luke to offer discretionary portfolio management to individuals and organizations wishing to free themselves from the day-to-day complexities of managing their wealth.

A Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute since 1990 Luke was also one of the inaugural conferees of the Canadian Investment Manager designation in 1993.

As the senior member of the Luukkonen Partner's team, Luke oversees the management of our entire wealth management practice. His research sets the direction for our portfolio strategy and investment recommendations. Luke uses a total wealth management approach to ensure that the unique goals, income needs and risk tolerances of each client are reflected in their investment solution.

Mark Luukkonen, CFA

Associate Portfolio Manager

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Mark joined RBC Dominion Securities in the fall of 2004 as an Associate Advisor. In 2008 Mark was appointed Associate Portfolio Manager and granted the ability to manage portfolios for clients on a discretionary basis.

A graduate of the Business Administration program at Wilfrid Laurier University Mark is a firm believer in continuing education. In 2006 Mark was awarded the internationally recognized Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

As Associate Portfolio Manager, Mark plays a key role in asset allocation decisions and portfolio construction. Beyond the investment process Mark has a focus on wealth management services, including retirement, estate and insurance planning.

Debbie McDonald, FCSI,CIM

Associate Advisor

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Debbie's career in the investment industry began in 1979 and she has been working with Luke since 1983. Her commitment to clients was recognized in 1994 when Debbie was chosen as one of the first recipients of the Award of Excellence, which represents outstanding performance in quality of service.

In 1997 Debbie was awarded both the Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute and Canadian Investment Manager designations.

In addition to handling many client transactions, Debbie is the key point of contact for administrative requests.