Transparency. Simplicity.

All too often, advisors promise big things, but do not deliver. They win your business with promises of great service, make a few trades, and earn some commissions. Then you never hear from them again — until they want to make another trade.

Marco and his team understand how frustrating this can be. To us, it is not about making trades, it is about giving the right advice. We do not charge commissions on individual trades. Instead, we implement the simplicity of paying one annual fee based on a percentage of your invested assets. This way you know that every trade and rebalance is done because it is simply the best move to make.  

Fees include management, transactions, safekeeping and reporting. The annual account fee will be calculated monthly by RBC Dominion Securities based on the portfolio value as determined by RBC Dominion Securities on the last business day of the month. Billings are completed quarterly. This fee may also be tax deductable.

Investment consulting services included in annual fee:

·         Assessment of your goals and objectives

·         Examination of your risk tolerance

·         Consideration of your tax situation

·         Financial planning report

·         Insurance review and plan

·         Will and Estate consulting

·         Written investment plan

·         Provide capital market commentary


Portfolio management services included in annual fee:

·         Develop your individual Investment Policy

·         Construct customized portfolio

·         Execution of daily trades   

·         Asset allocation and rebalancing

·         Risk management through asset diversification

·         Portfolio performance monitoring

·         Quarterly consolidated performance review


Administrative services included in annual fee:

·         Safekeeping of assets

·         Transactions

·         Administration of accounts

·         Online Access 

·         Quarterly statements

·         Year-end tax reporting packages

In addition, we will collaborate with your existing professional advisors, such as lawyers and accountants, to integrate your investment plan.