Individual Insurance Solutions

A solution for your personal needs

We understand that creating and effectively managing your wealth is just part of the equation. It's also important to preserve it. Through the use of insurance strategies, we can help you preserve your wealth during your lifetime, and protect the value of your estate for your family and other beneficiaries. Insurance strategies can also help you maximize the wealth you transfer to your heirs.

Estate Creation and Preservation

You can offset costs that are incurred at death and preserve your estate by having insurance proceeds pay them for you. Taxes, liabilities, estate-related and other future costs can all be offset by your permanent insurance coverage. By taking advantage of the preferred status of Tax-Exempt Life Insurance, you can maximize the value of your assets and maximize the value being transferred to the next generation. Living Benefits insurance is also vital to estate preservation, by ensuring funds are available should you require them at a time of illness.

Tax Minimization

Tax-exempt insurance can eliminate the annual taxes you pay on your investment growth, as well as those payable when you die. Individuals tired of being punished for strong earnings may appreciate this Tax-Protector opportunity. The long-term value of these products is that their earnings can often greatly eclipse what would otherwise be earned through regular investing.

Estate Maximization and Protection

If part of your portfolio is held in GICs, Canada Savings Bonds or a bank account, you have probably never given a second thought to market fluctuations. Sticking to a conservative investment strategy can lead to peace of mind in the short term, but it may put you at risk in the long run. Essentially, you risk outliving your retirement savings. Generally speaking, one way to ensure that you have enough money to meet your retirement needs is to diversify your portfolio. You can get the security of a GIC and the performance potential of the stock market without needlessly risking your hard-earned savings with Segregated Funds.

Income Enhancement

Certain solutions using insurance products can provide a supplemental stream of cash, thereby Enhancing Retirement Income. The net income derived from this strategy may be significantly higher than what is achievable with traditional fixed income vehicles, especially during times of low interest rates.

Stragegic Partners:

Jean-François Hebert
Regional Insurance Specialist

Jean-François Hebert is a valuable member of Marc's team, helping you create and preserve your wealth.

Jean-François employs a comprehensive process to assess client needs and then recommends creative, tax-exempt insurance products that will help them achieve their wealth management objectives. For more complicated situations, Jean-François will partner with your other professional advisors in the development of appropriate solutions.

Jean-François can focus on both personal and corporate insurance solutions to help increase your net worth and reduce the impact of taxation. He can also ensure your wealth is transferred to your heirs in accordance with your wishes. To help in this endeavour, Jean-François has access to insurance solutions from the top-ranked insurance providers in Canada.

Jean-François began his career in the insurance industry in 1996 and is an expert in his field. He is pursuing several professional financial services designations.

Bonnie Kaplan
Will & Estate Specialist

Bonnie Kaplan is a lawyer who specialized in questions of estate law during 5 of her 6 years in private practice prior to joining our RBC team. She was called to the Barreau du Québec in 1996. Along with her LL.B. conferred by the Université de Montréal, Bonnie holds an M.A. (education) from the Université de Montréal and a B.A. from McGill. Bonnie is an active member of The Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (Quebec chapter) and the Canadian Bar Association (Quebec chapter) and attends conferences at the Financial and Estate Planning Council of Montreal.

Susan Ackman
Financial Planning Specialist

Susan received her Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University in 1989 and since that time has been working as a financial consultant. She received the Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designations in 1994, and the Financial Planner designationfrom the Institut Québecois de Planification Financière (IQPF) in 1995. Susan’s experience includes providing financial planning to high-net-worth individuals and individuals facing significant financial events. Just prior to joining RBC Dominion Securities in 2003, Susan concentrated on issues of executive compensation, expatriate remuneration and corporate governance. Susan’s role is to work with and support Marc in preparing and presenting comprehensive Compass Financial Plans for clients.