Our Mission

There are 3 components to our practice.

Our objective is to create a long term, happy, secure, and educated client, one that will refer a family member or a close friend without any hesitation.

The first and most important component is to make you money but do it in such a way that you enjoy life by sleeping better at night. We do this by deeply understanding both your objectives and your risk tolerance. Keeping your portfolio current throughout the year to ever changing financial markets.

The second component is ongoing wealth management.

We strive to help you get the most out of YOUR money. We start by analyzing various types of funding: your home, children, retirement, assisted living, and lastly wealth transfer. All of these differ for each family, and will need constant attention to detail to maximize your efficiencies. Examples might include ways to minimize mortgage interest. Use of an RESP and educational government assistance. Comparing saving in an RSP to a TFSA. Personalizing a withdrawal program for tax efficient retirement funding. A wealth transfer plan will minimize costs and hassles to you and your beneficiaries. Overlaying income tax minimization strategies that are current to you and our existing tax laws.

Lastly, but very important is direct client service. You can expect responses to your requests which are accurate, understandable, and timely. On our end, this leads to a big “thank-you” for each and every client service request.

In closing, you deserve the very best we can deliver – When you are happy, it is a privilege. Like any business, we live for the “thank-you,” for loyalty, and for your referrals. We know we must earn it every day. A great win-win partnership.



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