At MacDonald Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities, we offer an exclusive discretionary investment management service through RBC's Private Investment Management (PIM) program. Whether you lack the time, experience or desire to manage your portfolio on a day-to-day basis, our service allows you to focus on what is important in your life - living it!

Your portfolio is customized to your individual circumstances and managed according to the highest ethical and professional standards. Your portfolio manager will manage your portfolio within a set of strict PIM guidelines and your own personal Investment Policy Statement. This allows you to determine the overall strategy of your investments, while giving your portfolio manager the freedom to capitalize on timely investment opportunities on your behalf.

A Disciplined Approach to Investing:

We believe in protecting and building your wealth over the long term. A well-designed asset allocation plan coupled with a focus on investing in a diversified portfolio of high quality companies helps to manage risk and preserve your capital. We look to purchase companies with a proven track record of growing earnings and dividends on a consistent basis over time. Depending on your long-term goals and risk tolerance, we use a combination of domestic and global equity and fixed income investments to build your customized portfolio.


Proper diversification ensures that you are not overexposed to any single investment, asset class or geographic location thereby spreading your risk. We believe this to be a fundamental component of investing. In addition, having a disciplined rebalancing strategy forces you to take profits on a regular basis and ensures that you are not over exposed to additional unanticipated risk.

Investment Policy Statement:

After understanding your long-term objectives we create an Investment Policy Statement, which reviews the guidelines that we will uphold when managing your portfolio. It outlines the following important items:

  1. Investment objectives

  2. Risk tolerance

  3. Time horizon

  4. Income requirements

  5. Tax considerations

  6. Asset allocation

  7. Security selection guidelines

  8. Portfolio review

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