The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today's work superbly well.
- Sir William Olser

MacDonald & Associates Asset Management provides discretionary portfolio management and comprehensive wealth planning services for affluent Canadians including business owners, professionals, families, and retirees.

As a client, you need a wealth manager who understands you and your circumstances. We work with our clients to ensure that their investment portfolios and financial plans are customized to meet their particular needs. And we are passionate about helping clients bring order and clarity to their financial lives.

With the backing of RBC Dominion Securities, we have the experience and resources necessary to manage your wealth effectively. Our role extends from designing and managing tax-efficient investment portfolios, to constructing and monitoring advanced financial plans, with a particular focus on the crucial areas of retirement, insurance, and estate planning.

To arrange a consultation with our team, please feel free to contact a member of the team by phone or e-mail.