Prepare Yourself for a Comfortable Retirement.

We navigate the complexities of financial planning, so our clients enjoy life they've worked hard for.

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✓ Maximize Your Money

✓ Dream Confidently

✓ Live Your Life


When you're working hard you shouldn't be wondering: 

  • Can I afford the lifestyle I picture?
  • Are my retirement timelines realistic?
  • Am I missing out on tax advantages?
  • Are my various investments working together for me?
  • Am I prepared for the unexpected?
  • Is my bank or current advisor maximizing my investments?

Maximize your Gains while Protecting your Assets
(and your dreams)

Retirement Design & Financial Planning

Maybe it's extended beach time. Perhaps it's living in your current home for extended years. Whatever financial security in retirement means to you, we'll build a plan to reach your timeline and lifestyle goals.

  • Personalized investment mapping
  • Tax-smart planning
  • Strategies for every aspect for your financial health
  • Feel informed with regular updates

Investment Strategies & Solutions

We take your entire financial picture into view, so you don’t miss opportunities to maximize your wealth. Our specialty is financial guidance in a human-to-human, jargon-free relationship.

  • Investment options beyond the banks
  • Expert guidance to anticipate the markets
  • Regular monitoring, communicating, adjusting
  • No hidden costs


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Luc Perron, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor

1-800-267-7680 | LinkedIn

Irene Warner, PFP

Associate Wealth Advisor


Diane Spurr



Cheryl Rogers

Cheryl Rogers, CFP, CIWM, CIM, FCSI

Senior Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor


Belinda Windover

Belinda Windover



Our Clients Look a Lot Like You

A professional in his 40s, with complicated wealth to protect

Our client was a bit gun-shy following poor management of his extensive portfolio. His complex assets required strategies to simplify his involvement while growing and guarding his wealth. Along with managing and monitoring investments, we coordinated specialty insurance solutions for his business scenario and high-valued items. We collaborate with his private banker and accountant for a comprehensive financial view. While the sophisticated money management strategy runs in the background, this high financial achiever feels confident and informed.

A professional couple, counting down to retirement

Having no debt, a healthy cash flow, and substantial investments, our clients came to us with two goals: reducing investment costs and mapping out the path to retirement. Terms like "tax efficiency" and "market volatility" stir up confusion and stress for both partners. They were honest about a lack of commitment and interest in managing a portfolio. Both partners found financial decision-making a bit intimidating. By delegating the heavy lifting to our team, they now have a consolidated and simplified investment structure while saving on costs. As a result, our clients anticipate retirement with peace of mind, knowing all aspects of their financial plan are under control.

Empty Nesters rediscovering cash flow

These clients faced the common problem of creating a "variety pack" of investments over the years. A financial strategy was always on the back burner during the busy (and expensive) season of working and raising kids. After all, each month brought a continuous cycle of mortgage payments and family-related expenses. Once those financial responsibilities tapered off and cash flow increased, they felt financially disoriented. Their bank advisor had limited time and options for them. Our team guided them with a plan for the retirement they envisioned. This couple is strategically preparing for the future by making the most of these financial building years.

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Even if investing feels confusing, getting started is simple

1. Tell me what's on your mind

Give me a call! Let's talk about your current situation and questions you have about your future.

2. Get your personalized plan

With long-term, diversified strategies, we'll map out a personalized plan. Over the following years, our team will monitor and adjust to maximize your gains while protecting your assets

3. Keep your eye on the prize

For some, it's gifting an education to kids and grandkids. For others, it's travel and countless round of golf. (Maybe it's all the above.) Your long-term investment plan means your dreams are secure. Live your life confident that you're on your way to your financial destination

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Don't Shortcut Your Financial Future

Tomorrow's reality is counting on today's planning.

At the Perron Group, we know that you want to retire without financial concerns. And you know that creating a secure tomorrow means you need to be planning today. The problem is, investing is complex. And because the stakes are high, it's easy to feel worried about whether you'll be okay. But we believe intimidation about the investment world shouldn't keep you from confidence in your financial future. 

We know that it's easy to feel overwhelmed, confused and possibly a little bored by it all. (Not everyone geeks out while analysing the markets the way we do.) That's why we help hardworking clients navigate the risks and rewards of the investment world to secure their financial future. 

Take your first step...

  1. Start with a call - tell me what's on your mind. 
  2. Count on our team to create and monitor your personalized plan
  3. Look ahead confidently, knowing you are on the road to financial security. 

So, talk to Luc and get answers to your important questions. You don't have to feel worried that you're not prepared. The Perron Group will guide you with smart and steady strategies to protect your assets - and your dreams. 

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