A thoughtful, client-oriented approach to investing and wealth management

Leib Zeisler provides superior investment management services to discerning entrepreneurs, wealthy individuals and families, and charitable foundations. His reputation for excellence is based on outstanding personalized service and investment advice with consistently solid rates of return.

Long-term financial planning requires equal attention to evolving client needs and the cycles of markets and the economy.

Investment decisions are best made in the context of a program of comprehensive wealth management, linked to each client's overall financial and estate plans. We provide a full range of wealth management services in collaboration with a highly qualified team of RBC professionals. We are pleased to co-ordinate with outside professionals at your request.

Our commitment is to provide personal wealth management, adjusting portfolios to meet each client's specific needs for cash flow, capital gains and safety.

Wealth management is an ongoing process. We can help you achieve your financial and life goals, whether you are seeking to

  • Build your financial future
  • Preserve and protect what you already have
  • Convert wealth to an income stream and maximize after tax income
  • Create a lasting legacy for your family or your community according to your values and wishes

We have the expertise and experience you need. Leib and his team actively manage portfolios, taking advantage of the full range of available investment vehicles, including TFSAs, RESPs, RRSPs, RRIFs and flow-through shares to maximize wealth and minimize tax obligations. We consider the full range of investment opportunities when we design portfolios, ranging from corporate bonds for safety to growth companies at attractive prices for long-term capital growth.

We look forward to speaking with you.