Tax Reporting Guide

A guide designed to help you and your tax advisor prepare your tax return as related to your investments with RBC Dominion Securities. Click here to view the Tax Reporting Guide now.

The Tax Reporting Guide Features

Tax Mailing Updates: latest news and real-time updates of mail dates for RBC Dominion Securities tax packages.

Tax Information Checklist: a useful reference outlining all the Canadian and U.S. tax information slips and supporting documents you may receive from RBC Dominion Securities, including descriptions of how to use them and examples of how they look.

Sample Tax Package: a practical sample that shows you and your tax advisor all of the tax information slips and supporting documents that RBC Dominion Securities provides.

Frequently Asked Questions: a collection of the most common questions we receive concerning tax reporting. If you have any questions that are not covered by this guide, please contact your Investment Advisor.

To learn more about the Tax Reporting Guide, please contact us.