Helping you build a secure financial foundation for yourself, your loved ones and your business.

We work with enterprising families and entrepreneurs to help them feel confident about their strategy to preserve and grow their multigenerational wealth. With our family office approach, our clients have peace of mind to focus on the aspects of life they enjoy most knowing that their plan is well laid out and that they’re doing what’s best for their family and business. Our team of experts specialize in tax, trusts, estates, insurance, business planning, and commercial financing to ensure that your comprehensive wealth management experience is simple, thoughtful, and efficient.


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Family Wealth Management

When you are responsible for your family's wealth, there are some unique financial planning issues and strategies that you should consider.

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Business owners

Whether you’re already a business owner or thinking about becoming one, the decisions you make will have far-reaching implications.

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Custom-Designed Portfolios

The first step is to thoroughly understand your individual financial goals that will ultimately guide the entire portfolio process.

"My job as your Advisor is about so much more than investment management. Good investment management is foundational to our relationship, but it's really about going beyond the investments, accounting for the whole picture, and having a genuine interest in learning and understanding the stories that make your goals unique…

Our clients feel confident in the financial foundation we've helped them build for themselves and their families—that's what makes my job rewarding."


Kayte Black, MBA, CFA, CFP

Investment Advisor & Financial Planner

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