Managing Risk
Identifying potential risks and implementing strategies to get you through those events. The basic concerns are often losing money, health or resources but there are many. Example: Fluctuating currency rates which could wipe out profits. Or is your business exposed to certain liabilitities?

Income Tax Planning
Putting strategies in place to align your financial goals with tax efficiency both corporately and personally.

Structure of Personal Income
How to best structure your personal income. Is income splitting possible? Do you have a holding company or a family trust?

Succession Planning
Establishing the right strategy for handing over the reins or selling the business. Have you explored the options with family members? Are you on the same page or is there an expectation it be gifted on their part but one of a cash purchase on yours?

Estate Planning
Ensuring you have a complete estate plan, including a valid/current Will, Power of Attorney, insurance coverage, planning for incapacity, taxes at death, planned gifting, and trusts. Does your personal estate plan coincide with your business estate plan?

Transition Strategies
Helping you prepare for life changing events such as retirement, marriage committment or divorce, or a change in health or living circumstances.

Attracting and Retaining Key Employees
A successful business relys on hiring and retaining key people. How do we manage the risk of losing talent?

Retirement strategies and solutions for employees
Establishing key strategies on motivating employees and keeping them focused.

Retirement Planning
Ensuring your financial security in retirement.

Tax Efficient Investments
Finding appropriate investments for you and your corporation that minimize tax.

Investment Structure
Creating an asset allocation and risk management strategy to align with your financial needs and goals.

Managing and Minimizing risks to you and your business
Preparing and strategizing towards risks you may face. Example: If you are your business are you protected in the event of a health issue or an accident?

Charitable Gift Programs
Establishing a charitable gift program to leave your legacy in your own way.

Complimentary Second Opinion Service
Allow my spectrum of knowledge and expertise to help you to your advantage.

Wills & Powers of Attorney Structure and Planning
Helping you prepare and establish your estate plans. How many wills do you have? How many should you have? Do you have a family trust?

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