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I believe there are three keys to my job that help me work closely with you to develop a long term diversified strategy.

First, I must be authentic and direct. I work to be both knowledgeable and compassionate about you and your family situation. I work to understand what you want your money to do for you.

Second, I am your guide and counselor when you need me. I will help navigate the many choices you have with your money and show you how to diversify your portfolio to maximize gains while minimizing losses.

Third, it is all about you. I want to work with you to build a personalized long term strategy that we follow and monitor closely so that you can maintain your lifestyle and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

I will guide you to what resonates with you with truth and caring to help bring your financial relationship into balance.

Financial matters are complex and intertwined with emotion and relationships so you need someone you trust and can confide in.  You are confident they will help because they not only care for you, but more importantly, also care about you.

Does that sound like you? If so, we should chat. I understand the demands of running a business, family-run or otherwise, as that was part of my life. Do you spend time working on it as well as in it?  I understand the worry and emotional toll surrounding family issues like health concerns or marriage breakdowns because I have lived them. I know how painful it is facing a childs disability or a parents health crisis. I also know there are things you arent comfortable sharing, but know you should to get the best advice. What keeps you awake at night? Losing it all? Losing health? Are the risks worth the rewards?

Authenticity, integrity, honesty, trust and compassion are essential qualities in my world both personally and professionally. If the same holds true for you isnt it worth a conversation?

Contact me to discuss your concerns and what's important to you in your financial future.


Katherine Peterson


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