Our Prolifica Process Is Your Edge

At Kathy Findlay Wealth Strategies Group, we understand that the goals you have for yourself, your family and your legacy are unique. That is why we have created , a unique process that focuses on understanding your needs and tailoring solutions to help you achieve your goals. To learn more about our process we invite you to view our video. The steps in our process are as follows:


 The Discovery Process

Wealth Management involves addressing the many needs and goals for our clients. We create value for them by having a clear understanding of these needs and goals and the strategies required to successfully achieve them. The key to our success is that we have a clear and thorough understanding of all the people involved, what is important to them and why.


 The Strategic Gameplan

One of the most critical components of the wealth management process is a financial plan. This is a critical document that everyone should have in place at all stages of their life. It should be reviewed annually and updated every three to five years or as your circumstances change. It is the financial roadmap that we refer to ensure we are on the right path.


 The Implementation Strategy

Successful investment management is achieved by clearly defining your investment discipline and committing to a structured approach to following this investment discipline year after year. An Investment Policy Statement is created to provide the guidelines for the long-term strategic investment plan and will also define the criteria for monitoring, evaluating and reviewing the investments.


 The Component Analysis

Managing your wealth is not solely about investment management. It involves a financial plan, a will and estate review, an insurance review, tax planning and employing tax efficient strategies that align with your comfort level. Having a clear understanding of all of these components empowers our clients to be excited about their financial future.


 The Review Process

Our team will review your portfolio with you on a quarterly basis. These reviews will occur either face to face or over the telephone. Regular reviews are a critical part of all client service plans as they ensure that the investment discipline is followed and maintain.


 The Ultimate Goal

We strive to earn the right to be one of our clients' most trusted advisors. We are a committed, responsive team of investment professionals who understand that capital preservation, conservative growth, and tax efficiency are essential to wealth creation. We maximize impact by delivering an exceptional client experience that is based on truly understanding your specific goals and needs. In a world of uncertainty, we place emphasis on building relationships with our clients and their family, for life.