Wealth Planning Process

Introductory Consultation Meeting (1 hour) - During this initial meeting we will explain the services we provide and our disciplined approach to wealth management.  We develop a deep understanding of your goals such as your lifestyle choices, time horizons, risk tolerance and legacy choices.

Analysis and Development of your Plan - Together during this stage we will gather the relevant information in order to analyze your current situation, identify issues and opportunities.  

Investment Proposal: this is your custom-designed investment plan, based on your needs for income, growth or security.

Investment Policy Statement: as a framework for your investment strategy, your IPS defines the balance between managing risks and achieving investment returns that is right for you.

Financial Plan: we'll develop and prepare a financial plan tailored to meet your objectives. Your financial plan takes a comprehensive approach to align all aspects of your financial picture with your investment strategy.

Approval and Implementation - We will review the plan together to confirm it meets your objectives and begin opening the necessary accounts to allow the implementation of the plan.

Provide Service Follow-Up - At the Brown Wealth Management Group we pride ourselves on the service we provide.  We will ensure a flawless transition of your financial arrangements.

Monitor Progress and Report - We will provide ongoing monitoring of your investments in the context of your plan and offer regular communication and quarterly investment reports.

Periodic Review Meeting - A part of our exceptional service is to meet regularly to evaluate and make adjustments based on changes in your financial situation, changes in tax laws or economic conditions and changes in your personal circumstances through life events.




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