Investment Outlook

Barry sends out this newsletter on the first Friday of last month of the quarter. You will find his topics are global in nature and address a current or developing theme in our economy and/or markets. His commentary centers around an article(s) he has chosen to share in the newsletter. 


2017 Q4 - Do Commodities Have a Place in Your Portfolio?


2017 Q3 - Innovation: We need to embrace it rather than fear it
2017 Q2 - Passive investing: A quiet revolution
2017 Q1 - Trumpland: Economic fact or fiction?

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Wealth Planning Insights

Fiona sends out this newsletter, in similar format to Barry's, on the third Friday in the second month of the quarter. This newsletter will focus on the important issues you are faced with from an estate and insurance planning perspective. The articles referenced could come from RBC or an external source.


2017 Q4 - What is fair may not necessarily be equal...


2017 Q3 - How do you keep your family's wealth in the family?
2017 Q2 - How to make your charitable gifting more meaningful
2017 Q1 - Guaranteed - We are all going to get old... so lets prepare for it!

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