Take control of your future, today.

High Net Worth Planning Services provides customized tax and estate planning advice, overall wealth planning and business succession planning for more complex financial objectives. 

With experts in the areas of trust, taxation, insurance, financial planning, will, and estate law, we’ll work with you and your professional advisors to ensure your personal, familial, corporate, risk management and future planning goals are met. 

For business owners, our extended team will develop a comprehensive and holistic plan focused on a business owner's personal and corporate planning objectives. Strategies related to business risk, transition, succession, retirement, and tax are identified and evaluated to address planning needs. 

Our extended team works directly with our client's existing trusted independent advisors (e.g. accountants, lawyers, etc) to better understand their goals and objectives, and provide integrated coordinated services to build and protect wealth

Estate & Trust Services (Provided by Royal Trust)
Power of Attorney (mandate), Estate & Trusts (provided by Royal Trust)

Solutions to address the growing needs of aging clients, their families and businesses as it relates to their personal situation to help clients realize their philanthropic goals, requiring much less capital, lower set-up costs and less administrative work than a private foundation. 

A solution, complete with draft documents, to provide an income splitting strategy where the higher income spouse can take advantage of the prescribed rate loan to provide funds for the children’s’ benefit, while at the same time alleviating your family’s overall tax burden.