Statement, evaluation and review

At the end of each quarter, Johnson, St-Germain + Associates provides you with a written assessment of your portfolio, and conducts a personal review with you.

This quarterly review includes a comprehensive summary of your investment portfolio. It features a systematic evaluation of your portfolio’s performance judged by predetermined benchmarks. It provides you with a commentary and outlook on the economy and capital markets. Then, your personalized investment strategy is reviewed, updated and, if necessary, revised.

Once a year, we will also revisit your Investment Policy Statement. We affirm that there have been no material changes in your situation or goals. In this manner, we ensure that your portfolio will continue to provide for your needs.

Clear communication and superior service

At Johnson, St-Germain + Associates, we are committed to providing you with superior service.

We provide you with regular contact, clear communication and regular reporting. We make a point of being accessible, and promise you prompt and courteous responses to your requests.

Our on-line services provide you with 24-hour access to your accounts.

Though our extensive affiliation with the RBC Financial Group, we can also offer you an array of high quality financial services, including:

  • Financial, Retirement and Estate Planning
  • Trust and Custodial Services
  • Insurance Strategies and Services
  • Private Banking Services
  • Financial Services for Sports Professionals