Managed Money Approach

Managing Money in the 21st Century - by John Yamamoto

Twenty years ago, when I started in the investment business, there were only a small group of mutual funds offered and the investment world moved at a much slower pace than today. Technological advances have continued to make the world much more complicated; two decades ago, there were thirty TV channels to choose from, e-mails did not exist, and cell phones were rarely used. Today we have satellite television choices, blackberries, text messaging, and a complex economic and political climate.

Today’s investor faces a multitude of investment choices and selections. The problem today is not enough choice, but too many investment alternatives.

As the world has changed, my approach to money management has evolved as well. At Yamamoto Wealth Management Group, we specialize in managing the money of people who desire quality wealth management without the work and worry of day-to-day investment decisions.

A managed account is a portfolio of investments, in which the investor has ownership of each equity (stock) or bond in the portfolio, but delegates authority to make decisions about which securities to buy or sell to a professional money manager. A managed account therefore combines the beneficial features of investing directly in stocks and bonds with the added benefit of having the expertise and research resources of a professional money manager who applies their discipline to the investment process and stock selection.

Using a managed money program can help to reduce investment risks in two important ways. First, they help ensure an appropriate match between a client’s risk tolerance and the expected volatility of a portfolio. Second, built in monitering and rebalancing can keep the portfolio optimized even if the external market environment changes.

I invite you to learn more about my managed money approach. Below are links to the various programs which offer excellence in investing, therefore allowing you freedom from having to make too many choices in a complex investment world.

Access Manager Selection Program
Access Manager Program Brochure
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Advisor Account
Advisor Program Brochure
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Lifepoints Program
Lifepoints Overview
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Sovereign Investment Program
Sovereign Overview
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A+ Program

A+ Overview
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