For information on the following products & services we offer please click on the links below:

Business Owner

The Business Owner’s Guide to Wealth Management (PDF, 1MB)


Charitable Giving

Charitable Gift Program (PDF, 316KB)


Divorce & Separation

Separation, divorce and your finances (PDF, 226KB)


Education Planning-RESP's

Your guide to saving for a child’s post-secondary education (PDF, 528KB)


Estate Planning

Estate Planning (PDF, 520KB)

Wills and Will Planning (PDF, 128KB)

Agent for Executor Solutions (PDF, 735KB)

Settling an Estate (PDF, 548KB)


Family Wealth Management

Ten Strategies to Build & Protect your Family's Wealth  (PDF, 1MB)

Family Trust Account (PDF, 3MB)

RSP & RIF Information

Please refer to the Retirement & Tax Planning section of our website for detailed information