Responsible Investing

Investing for a sustainable future, to me (and hopefully you), means allocating investment capital to those organizations that look to maximize both their economic, social and environmental performance. As a leader in responsible and impact investing here in Canada, I help build and manage investment portfolios that will align your financial objectives with your unique values.

I am currently helping my clients implement the following strategies into their investment portfolios:

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Risk Monitoring:

With this approach, we remove companies with significant environmental, social, and governance risk attributes. Further, we act as active shareholders and engage with companies on ESG issues and vote on proxies too. The objective is to reduce those risks not necessarily reflected in a companies financial statements or annual reports.

Value/Mission Alignment:

Socially responsible investing is also known as values-based or ethical investing. Investors are looking to make a positive change by aligning their personal values with their investment choices. This involves both negative and positive screening of companies, industries or sectors to make a financial influence that match their values.

Impact Investing:

Impact investing is not charity. It is an investment where an investor is hoping first and foremost to generate social or environmental impact. An impact investor also wants to earn a return on their investment. However, they may be willing to take a capital loss as long as some tangible result for the investment can be seen. In that way, it is essential to be able to measure the impact of this investment. An example includes investment in low-income housing loan assistance, where a tangible impact is measurable (i.e., number of households able to afford housing) and the investor is likely to get his or her money back.