"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" - Benjamin Franklin.
What if we can also tax shelter that interest?
That is our approach to wealth management. Applied knowledge to challenge the status quo in the pursuit of optimizing every aspects of your finances may it be Tax planning, Retirement planning, Estate planning or Investment planning. The challenge of Canadian investors today is to navigate a high tax, low interest rate environment at home while facing uncertainty abroad. By shifting focus from element that we do not control (investment) to those that we do through careful engineering (tax, retirement & estate), a new picture emerges: the peace of mind knowing our future depends on facts, not opinions.
Our mandate is to simplify complexity and to clarify obscurity by collaborating with tax lawyers, chartered accountants, financial planners, will and estate consultants to raise red flags and to formulate solutions that are innovative, efficient and immediately actionable.
So let our knowledge start working for you and benefit from an uncompromising discipline in wealth management that pays the best type of interest - a tax sheltered one.