At our first meeting we develop a framework to accomplish your financial goals, while providing you the flexibility to achieve your life's financial ambitions. We listen to you and what you have to say in order to meet your needs. We ensure that you remain as involved, engaged, and informed as you desire. From clients who are active day-to-day, to those who wish a more hands off approach without the constant concern of managing your own money, we tailor a wealth management strategy that suits your needs. Once the framework is established, we will outline a plan for regular communication, review, and service and we stick to it.
Goals-based financial planning
RBC Wealth Management’s proprietary myGPS™ software offers a prioritized view of your financial goals and recommends solutions to help achieve your wealth management needs. Helping to provide financial peace of mind, myGPS™ helps answer six key questions that can easily keep you awake at night.
  1. What does my current financial situation look like?
  2. If I live to be 95, will I have sufficient funds to maintain my current and/or desired lifestyle?
  3. If I die tomorrow, will my family be sufficiently provided for financially?
  4. How does changing my financial assumptions impact my future financial situation?
  5. What can I do to ensure my financial goals and priorities become reality?
  6. Could my business survive a major change or crisis?
Private Investment Management
We offer a premium level of discretionary wealth management that allows our clients freedom from the day-to-day decision-making for their investment portfolio. We are privileged to be part of the group qualified to offer portfolio management services through Private Investment Management, which consists of fewer than one quarter of all Investment Advisors at RBC Dominion Securities. RBC Dominion Securities has awarded John Catalano this distinguished designation as he exemplifies the attributes of dedicated portfolio management investment theory and a strong commitment to client service. This is among the highest credentials an investment professional can achieve. We follow a disciplined approach to investing your wealth, which utilizes investment analysis and customized comprehensive reporting to ensure we do our best in achieving your goals and objectives.
We receive critical support in managing your Private Investment Management portfolio:
  • Investment Management Guidelines that set essential standards for quality and diligence in every portfolio we manage.
  • Investment Policy Statements that identify and clearly document your investment goals, objectives and constraints.
  • The Portfolio Implementation and Risk Management Group with oversight responsibilities for every Portfolio Manager and every discretionary account we manage.
  • A Compliance Team with the responsibility for ensuring all government and industry regulations are followed in the management of your portfolio.