Your Total Wealth Management Plan

A comprehensive approach to helping you strategically realize your great financial goals.

With over 15 years of planning and portfolio management experience, the Beal Advisory Group of RBC Dominion Securities helps families build sound financial foundations for life.

Our team’s Behavioral Wealth Management (BWM) approach extends beyond investment advice and money management – encompassing retirement planning, tax strategy, wealth transfer, legacy creation and lifestyle protection. By focusing attention on the true drivers of performance, our approach provides you with the confidence and security to make sound financial decisions. As your personal guides, we will provide a clear roadmap, helping you realize your family’s great financial goals.

Who we can help...

  • Busy executives, professionals and their families

    With broad financial goals, responsibilities and time commitments our BWM approach provides focus and efficiency to your family’s planning and asset management, including education savings, risk management and retirement, tax and estate planning.

  • Business owners and self-employed professionals

    Business owners and self-employed professionals often face complex financial and tax planning opportunities. Our resources help you holistically address all matters relating to your business and personal assets. To develop your personal wealth management plan, we review the unique strategies available to you as an entrepreneur and help develop a sound plan for today and for generations to come.

  • Pre-retirees in their critical decade

    The 10 years before retirement, when income and net worth typically expand, are critical for retirement planning. We help protect what you’ve successfully built and ensure you remain on track, - making the most of your resources during this crucial time.

  • Retirees

    Generating a comfortable and secure income for a retirement lifestyle that can last 30 years or more, requires a very different portfolio approach than during one’s wealth accumulation phase. We review your income sources, both guaranteed and variable, and provide a sound retirement income blueprint, with the goal being a dependable, tax-efficient cash-flow for life, while protecting your financial security and legacy.

  • Multi-generational families

    With many if not all of their personal financial needs met, seniors and their families often , look to protect a lifetime of successful stewardship, savings and thrift. For the benefit of their children or, grandchildren, or a much- loved church, school or charity, we help you create a multi-generational wealth transfer plan. The strategies we explore can help you and your family save tax today and, avoid future estate expenses while prudently growing wealth, for the long-term.

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