After 27 years, reconnected

June 20, 2019 |Jeremy Goldfarb
Social media gets a bit of a bad rap, but not undeservedly so. With the cloak of anonymity creating unfettered bravery around the world, platforms such as FB, IG, Snap, and Twitter can be tough places to hang out......especially for today's youth. With...
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The Terraton Initiative: How farmers can combat climate change

June 13, 2019 |Jeremy Goldfarb
Did you know that Agricultural farming contributes up to 35% of global CO2? I didn't until recently. As you may have noticed, I have recently taken quite an interest in environmental management. While my focus is primarily on our world's oceans, I was...
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MUST READ: Don't time the market. Be Patient

June 11, 2019 |Jeremy Goldfarb
Yes, another installment of don't time the market 101. Seems repetetive, but I just keep fielding questions on this topic, and I also keep seeing examples where a little advice would have gone a long way. So....I'm going to tell you a little story. During...
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Selling the cottage? KEEP THE COTTAGE!! ...but if you're selling the cottage...

June 07, 2019 |Jeremy Goldfarb
It's a question I get from people all the time....." Can I use the Principal Residence Exemption on my cottage?" The answer is simple, but the solution is complicated. What do I mean? Well...there are some key dates to be aware of when making this decision...
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Responsible Investing: Active engagement

June 04, 2019 |Jeremy Goldfarb
We invest for return and with regard for risk and objectives. But what type of risk are we protecting ourselves against. I offer you 2 scenarios for consideration. 1- BP --- they were the subject of a huge lawsuit several years ago based on an accident...
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