SickKids has a special place in my heart. My nephew, Phoenix, was born more than a month premature with a tumour almost as large as his entire infant body! Doctors began immediately. He underwent seven hours of intensive procedures on his second day of life. Needless to say, time crawled by as our entire family sat nervously in the waiting room. Then, what joy and relief everyone felt when we learned the surgery was a success! The tumour did turn out to be cancerous; but luckily, the disease had not spread and he received a clean bill of health.
Today, apart from a few decorative scars on his rear end, Phoenix is a healthy boy. Our family is truly grateful for the wonderful SickKids. Personally speaking, I was absolutely blown away at the care Phoenix received.
This is why I continue to support SickKids- for Phoenix, and for the thousands of children whose lives are now full of promise thanks to their good work.
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