Our Wealth Management Process


Wealth Management is a comprehensive approach to achieving your financial and life goals. It extends beyond investment advice. It helps you protect your wealth for the future, plan for retirement and create a legacy for the future as you think ahead to transferring your wealth to your family or charity. With our wealth management approach, you also gain the confidence to make sound financial decisions, plus the freedom to live life as you envision it. We provide a clear road map for your family's future by addressing your financial needs at each stage of life. Every step of the way, we will be there as your personal guide.

Getting the right investment advice is a key part of the bigger picture. You may also need to manage ongoing finances, minimize taxes or structure your estate in a more tax-efficient manner. Because these various aspects of managing your wealth are all interconnected, we will create a total, coordinated wealth management strategy that addresses your financial concerns at each stage of life.


Risk Management


Risk can manifest itself in several forms.  One risk involves a client being derailed from his or her investment strategy due to "noisy" news-flows that tend to cause investment decisions to be made based on emotion rather than through logic or reason and analysis.  As advisors, we must always ensure that we keep our clients disciplined and focused on the big picture.

Overpaying for the advice you receive as far your investments are concerned are another risk.  We believe in being wholly transparent.  Far beyond entering trades for your accounts, we want you to see everything we do for you and your family - including the extras- while we help manage your finances.

Another risk involves the effects of currencies and or interest rates towards your portfolio or your business.  Our team is one of the very few that can help you manage your Canadian dollar exposure in your business or the effects of other currencies or input costs.  We are able to control risk using currencies such as the Euro or Canadian dollar as well as other physical commodities such as oil, gold and silver depending on your portfolio needs.






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